Water Lifestyle

Now that you’re armed¬† with some more useful information about water, perhaps you’d like to incorporate spring water into a healthier lifestyle. You certainly don’t need to completely revamp your entire diet or daily routine. By simply replacing one high-calorie soft drink per day with water you can trim approximately 50,000 calories and 65 cups of sugar per year from your or your child’s diet.

You also might be thinking that diet, one-calorie or no-calorie soft drinks serve as a good replacement for high-calorie beverages. Don’t be so sure. Recent research suggests that sweet low-calorie beverages, while not containing a significant number of calories themselves, may help actually stimulate appetite and cause weight gain*. In addition, there is also concern and controversy about high consumption of ingredients like phosphoric acid.

Subtle changes really do add up to significant benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Give it a try.

*Sources: Fowler, S.P. 65th Annual Scientific Sessions, American Diabetes Association, San Diego, June 10-14, 2005; Abstract 1058-P. Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine, San Antonio. Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, director, sports nutrition, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. WebMD News: “Artificial Sweeteners May Damage Diet Efforts.” Davidson, T.L. International Journal of Obesity, July 2004; vol 28: pp 933-955