Water and Beauty

Water and Beauty Drinking enough water is very healthy habit. Many people don’t like drinking plain water and instead have the habit of drinking coke, red bull or any other carbonated, caffeinated sugary water. They think that by this way they can compensate for not drinking enough water. Is that right? No it’s absolutely wrong! [...]

Water vs. other Beverages

Water vs. other Beverages Now you're probably wondering if you should only drink water all the time. The answer is, of course, only if you want to. Any food or beverage taken in moderation is probably just fine for most people. However, water has a big upside. Most people would benefit from replacing sweet, sugary [...]

Water and Lifestyle

Water Lifestyle Now that you're armed  with some more useful information about water, perhaps you'd like to incorporate spring water into a healthier lifestyle. You certainly don't need to completely revamp your entire diet or daily routine. By simply replacing one high-calorie soft drink per day with water you can trim approximately 50,000 calories and [...]

Water and Fitness

Water and Fitness Get the best from body and mind. Just add water! If physical fitness and performance is important to you, make sure you drink enough water. Unfortunately, even many active and avid fitness devotees aren't properly hydrated. Are you? Dehydration has many effects, the most common being fatigue, weakness, headache, lack of concentration [...]

Water and the Body

Water and the Body No, really, you are. The human body is 50%-75% water, depending on a person's age (children are made of more water while elderly people are made of a bit less). Sure, you've probably heard something like that since grade school, but think about it. It's pretty staggering. And it goes a [...]