Shoalhaven Spring Water have a full range of water dispensers.


Fully refrigerated unit Australian made

The ultimate way of enjoying chilled natural spring water at the touch of a button. Most of these units are Australian made, so we are supporting Australian made and Australian jobs.


Occupies very little space and requiring no plumbing

The cooler unit is delivered to your premises for free and is plugged into a normal power point. The coolers come with either single taps (chilled only) or 2 taps which are room temperature and chilled or hot and chilled taps. These coolers also come in a bench top model.


Multiple options and accessories

Our other products include paper and plastic cups and bottle stands. We also supply porcelain crocks which hold approximately 11 litres of water and will keep it at room temperature.

Join the healthy switch from tap water now and begin to enjoy the great taste of Shoalhaven Spring Water natural spring water.

Water Cooler


including GST per year (Rental rates shown include service and full replacement warranty)

Ideal for offices, warehouses, factories and homes. Two taps on the same cooler allow larger volumes of water to be taken for cooking from the room temperature tap, leaving the cold water for drinking. Hot water models are ideal for making tea, coffee and soups.

Cooler Types: Floor Standing
Cooler Options:  Cool & Cold / Hot & Cold
Cooler base height = 95cm
With 15 litre bottle = 136cm
Floor area = 31cm x 31cm
Colour: White
Cold: 10C
Cool:  Room Temperature
Hot:  85C

Bench Top Cooler


including GST per year (Rental rates shown include service and full replacement warranty)

Fits conveniently on a kitchen or office counter. The unique design offers effective cooling through the proven “evaporator band” cooling technology. Great performance from a small dispenser!

Cooler Types: Bench Top
Cooler Options: Cool & Cold
Cooler base height = 41.9cm
With 15 litre bottle = 82.9cm
Bench area = 33cm x 36.8cm
Colour: White
Cool: Room temperature
Cold: 6C to 10C

Bulk Spring Water


(Free Delivery)

Delivered directly to your home or workplace, our Springwater comes in large bottles 15 Litre bottles which fit on top of our coolers.

Now only $66 first year

We offer a new customer initial set up deal of half price cooler rental for the first 12 months.

Porcelain Dispensers


including GST. (Purchase outright. Stand optional extra)

Perfect for home or small office use, these porcelain water dispensers provide clean fresh natural spring water at room temperature and can be conveniently placed on a bench top.

Drinking Cups

Paper or plastic drinking cups available

Cup Dispenser

Bottle Racks